She alone is my company in the wilderness of this room
In her grace , in her presence my imagination blooms
She is blessed with beauty ,which fairy’s envy
But to remain unknown and nondescript is her plea
She talks to me , so much , so loud
Day in day out she makes me proud
I ask her in tamed words “Who are you ?”
She says “I am your love in every hue”
So close to my heart she keeps herself
That she knows me more , than i myself
All that i feel she is always there to bear,
My joy , my pains she will always share,
She says “there is blood flowing in you, so is in me,
You see the whole world and i see thee”
She rests in my hands and questions my eyes
“Don’t you love me , please do not lie. “
How do i tell her all that I feel
She is wounded in love and I have no heal
I bring her close , then print a kiss
My love my “Pen” will remain a bliss.