this isn’t an original work in English , its an attempted translation of an old Hindi mohd.rafi melody “husn wale tera jawaab nahin..”

i referred thesaurus for synonyms of the word “Beauty”,

they missed your name, the lexicon failed in his duty!!

not in millions is there one face as beautiful as yours

not even God can repaint a face with you at par.

you are like that blooming bud in the garden,

along with whom arrives the spring that is siren.

your presence is like that beam in the dark night,

that heaves in drenched in soft cool moonlight.

oh! this gleam, magnetism and glamour of yours,

resembles that of the bright moon in the halo of stars.

there is so much intoxication in your deep eyes,

the strongest of men would easily be mesmerized.

on your lip prevails such divine tranquility,

just to speak of your poetic beauty.

the grace that’s exhibited in your soft walk

kindles within me a divine spark.

if by some means you become a possession of a poet

filled with freshness will be each of his couplets .

if alone a day-dreamer becomes your life partner

his imaginations would become true soon after.

if music discovers your kind of a chord,

immortal would be the songs composed.

for not in millions is there a face like yours

no even God can repaint a face with you at par.