i stood at the shore with a fist full of sand,

i wanted to know the wind blew to which land

i wished i cud fly away with the sand grains

break all human bonds , forget all restrains.

the solitaries perhaps forced me to wish so,

away from this company where else could i go.

i spoke with an image , that i could see in thin air,

flawless, painless so beautiful , so fair.

suddenly through the black clouds there peeped a streak of lightning

illuminating the firmament for a second that was fleeting..

how innocent is darkness around us that is present

just one streak of light and darkness is non-existent

yet it prevails around for long enduring hours,

so helpless it is , with nothing called power.

similar is the plight of the solitaries that crown me ,

one “smile” is enough, solitaries will have to flee.

a golden season takes wing , fly back sweet memories from past,

seldom does it happen to me ,with you in mind , i’m lost.