to your eyes perhaps it never surfaced,

the joy in my eyes when at you i gazed.

there is something fresh in your very countenance,

that i get engulfed in joy in your presence.

perhaps you never heard the bells ringing in me,

when i talked to you or heard words from thee.

your utterances to me how ever small, i proudly treasure,

for when i recall them, i’m in a sea of pleasure.

then when you touched me how electrifying it was,

in broad daylight i felt the enchantment of stars.

like the warm breeze cooling the earthen water pot,

the more i think of you , the more i get lost.

your sight, your words, your touch, your grace

from my memory they can never be erased.

but is it to me alone that these thoughts occur,

in your dreams , in your thoughts do i ever appear.