its so easy for you to bid “Good Night”,

i look around there is no one in sight.

the stars are asleep so is the night sky,

but my eyes just don’t shut , even if i lie.

what do i do , how on earth do i sleep?

to go to dreamlands where do i peep?

where may i take my heart for respite?

its afraid of darkness and hates presence of light.

should i recall an exciting hour before television,

or answer the call of the dame at horizon

or let music make way through my ears to the soul.

bank on the rhythm or music for console.

i may recall the TV, the match or the music,

but i just can’t sleep, so what’s the logic.

i look around for the invisibly ticking clock

it ticks and with it another night walks.

amidst this chaos of thoughts , my eyes find chance,

they shut and my mind ceases to bounce.

they open only to re-witness daylight,

the morning of action to be followed by the night.