have you ever seen something so serene,
the drops of dew that moist the pasture green
the red little bud in cozy deep sleep,
awaiting the dawn when the sun would peep.
behind the mountain lies the sun wavering,
whether or not to begin the “Good” morning.

he wants the bud to wake, to bloom and smile,
speak to him , laugh with him befriend him for a while.
bask her in his soft yellow rays,
help her grow in his warm solace.
behind the mist on the lonely hill,
where the stream curves and bends at his own will
where the valley echoes the chirping sounds of bird
to earn his living where goes the shepherd.
the sound of the cascade, the rumbling of stones,
the pond of placid water that no one owns.

where the heart is filled with pious and sacred joy.
with wings of love where he wants to fly.

on the deep blue ocean away from the shore,
where the sky sees its image blue to the core.
to see his image there longs my heart,
on the water he sees your image cast.
on the ocean ,on the sky and the streets that i stroll
on everything beautiful your reflection i behold.