wish life were not this abstract..
so many colors.. demanding. so many tacts..
most often there lies that uncovered distance..
the nondescript entity.. the victims of our nonchallance..

how does one put such a life in black and white..
where does one hunt for words.. where doth his imagination take the flight
what question rests for ever with an answer in yes or no..
the glasses through which you look at the world keeps changin while you grow…

a weekend without home works, an playful evening that would walk to night..
to satisfy a toddler ..moments like this have the mite.
he grows up..his interest grows out of the green playfields..
the blue sky beckons him now..to restrains no more would he heed…

i realize there is nothing “wrong”…nor the realms are of “right” are well defined..
there are things we do ..and those things may or may not please our mind..
its the entrire spectrum that makes the life.. each colour has its own special place..
neither their mixture (we call it white)..nor their absence (named black)would ever give solace..