the river may become a sea, the sea may become an ocean so might the little bud bloom to flower some day
but what can better my love for thee, for its in the oblivion and beyond decay.
like the morning drop of dew that rests on the leaflet,
here you lay enveloped in my heart’s closet.

no pen can ever vent words to describe the joy i get,
talking to you in moonlight when life is cozy like a nest.
to sit with you in the seashore staring at the red hued dawn,
when the waves come and wash our legs the ambience becomes sojourn.

the blue ocean seems shallow when i look into your eyes,
there spreads the fragrance of your hair from the sandy earth to the sky.
the music that heaves into my ears from the rumbling stones of the sea,
wear a mantle of cacophony when i hear the voice of thee.

the moon there goes behind the clouds , enviously burning in the dark,
your beautiful face reminds him , he is nothing , he has got marks.
in the sea there is a commotion for among the waves there is a race,
to rush to the shore with all their might and be touched by your grace.