a peccadillo of a sin from which oppurtunity absolved
grey nimbus of its reflections on my memory shroud.

not exactly grey there is a colored side to it..
a consolance would be i was never a misfit.

feels good to behold the happening world around..
when somebody else bears the onus of the steering and the horn..

oh what a babe ..walking down the lane..
of having seen her the driver can only feign..

to read the bill boards and relish the humorous quotes,
i have had time to remain just afloat..

i was always ready with a word or two in directions..
a comment on the gear shift and other travellers positions..

somewhere between the match winner and the crowd
did i really have a reason to be proud.

i think of all this and more while riding my own bike..
i must steer(stare) away from the damsel..before i go and strike..:-)