an attempted translation of one of my favourite songs..”main aur meri tanhayi”..i know i haven’t been just to the masterpiece..which had the backing of the grim voice of a legend..

me and my loneliness sit together and often discuss..
how would have life been .had me and you been us..
i chuckle beholding your naughty smile at my silly joke..
get concened about your angry words that i did provoke..
how would have life been had you been there..
some other place..some other town..a new somewhere..

me and my lonliness sit together and often discuss..

is it night or the dark charm of your coiffure
is it moonlight or the resplendence of you eyes that shower
is it the moon or your it stars or is it your dress that sparkles
is it a puff of breeze or your fragrance that my being inhales..
its the rustling of leaves that say you have whispered something..
its my heart and my lonliness that think you are somewhere around lurking..

buts its the sane self that knows and reveberates that its a white lie

its a moment of handicap that surround you and me..
its a night of lonliness..that just wouldnt flee..
there is so much to say but who’ll lend me a ear…
and how long do i stay silent..holding on the drops of tear
i wish i could go on and break the rules that this world has made..
against the guards that seperarte us..i wish i were a tirade..
a tirade thats a tale of why i burn in this broad daylight..
its deep love..that resides deeper and is the cause of my fright..

me and my lonliness sit together and often discuss..