i revisit this battlefield…i had conquered it yesterday..
same weapons..similar enemies..who just wont give away..

the oldest of my foes..till her heart its armor that this amor wears..
i rip her, chop her..i win. but in the process in end in tears

she isn’t dangerous…atleast thats what i thought when they fought..
she turned herself grotesque.. unaware of the pitfalls i was caught..
thankful i am to this.. modern pressure weapon of mine..
he usually takes care of her..provided i stop their fight in time..

then comes a battalion a different one each day..
in different shapes and colors.. each to be tackled in a quaint way..
in fact they alone offer me .. an option ..i can select the ones to mess
and i pick up the healthier ones..the ones who at least look fresh

and this enemy of mine.. i never seem to know when she is hot..
i pour my spices into her.. and she burns them black in her assault..
i don’t give up and inturn i heat her more in the pan..
and in her i immerse all enemies all members of her clan..
she fights back. crackles and spurts few hot drops of herself around..
its the trained eye and acrobatics that keeps me off from getting burnt..

she usually walks in last..its this fight i prefer to avoid..
a spoilsport of the best kind. the exultation of victory she can turn void..
but now i’ve leant to gauge her might..and face her only when its time..
with a restrained magnanimity i use her. somehow the war sublimes..

thus i conquer these enemies…decorate their corpse with garnish..
and then engrave them within me..make their countenance vanish..

i walk out of the battlefield….while i leave a pandemonium behind..
tomorrow again there would be this inevitable war of no differnt kind..