wrote this piece sitting at JFK..looking back the 12 weeks spent in USA..just got time to put it accross..

tall buildings..taller names..
walked across the walk of fame..
bread for breakfast..bread for lunch..
an exotic cuisine that i did not munch..

big boobs rosy..bigger heart New york
an ever ready smile..the flourescent spark.
the credit card galore..queue at cash counters..
credit history woes and “how are you honey” nuances

the lightyear long roads.. the rule abiding traffic..
the paper depended crowd..the recycled plastic.
low gas prices.. the gizmo savvy shops..
the elevators.. the electric run clocks..

the 9-5 office hours.. the variety of coffee..
the non sweet sugar..and whitener with no dairy..
the so green parks and even more green joggers..
the ear plugging ipods ..personality disorders..

the big chunks of money..the billions that change hand..
that spending economy.. the street rock bands..
the hot geyser water.. the hour long bath..
the hotter chics at the dance floor.. the voyeur eyes’ path..

i am coming back india.. with all this and more..
back amongst “us”.. back to the folk lore..
to faces that i can identify and respond..
from the land thats nice.. with memories unbound