Six – I’ve been tagged
Vidya tagged me.Now I take the onus aka honours

People and places mentioned below exist and may identify themselves when they read this

Five people on my shit list:
1.The alter ego (don’t know anyone better than him)
2.People who wanna push their mistake on others.
3.Someone begging for sympathy/praise.
4.People who leave water taps open .
I can stand aint that bad.

Close brushes with death/danger:
Every day..when i bike to office in the 9’o clock road and the beautiful chic in the auto grabs more attention than the approaching truck.

Five preferable modes of suicide: (all made up just for fun… not to be taken seriously)
1.Of AIDS provided I get it of the from someone worth dying for.
2.A metiorite falling on me.
I got a hike today, don’t wanna think of death now.

Five guilty pleasures:
1.Enlightenment that I achieved after four great sites.
2.The books I that are for my eyes only.
3.Adai , butter and molaga podi
4.La Vella ..Panama City.

Five things you never want to forget:
Not that I wont but that I can’t
1.Her smile beginning in the eyes, I had to go before it reached her lips.
2.Few B’days 11th may. 16th may, 2nd august 25th sep..
3.My ATM pin number and numerous password.
4.To close connection after iterating through result set.
5.Guilt 5.

Five loves of your life (not in order).

0.Love (the personification)
4.Java (now u know why i started with 0)

Strangest Dream:
I breaking a traffic signal in my colony in Jharkhand.The policeman refusing to accept bribe.then I take a stand and try justifying himself.He sways his wooden stick, all set to break my knuckles.

I wake up in fear.

Five most valued possessions:
1. The ones who brought me here
2. My voice (ya i sing well, few years of classical music :-p)
3. My thoughts
4. IDE
5. You- the reader (liar liar broom stick)

Five favorite superheroes:
1. Nagraaj
2. Chacha Choudry
3. Super Commando dhruv
4. Chet Morton
5. Shakti Maan πŸ˜›

Hmm even I got linked to this innovative chain..shall now grasp..
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