an open notepad.. words streaming out..
the barren desert..a bean wont sprout..
the passing cloud..the gaping eyes..
still to the world something ties..

the tubelight light..the insects flight..
the sting of mosquito..a masochistic bite..
the urgent itch..the love the hitch..
the multitude.. the crazy niche..

the empty chair beside..the emptiness besides..
i did try..but i am not tried..
a cry in the hollow..the meaningless sorroww..
the time i have..the moments i borrow..

the age i reach..the years that go..
the ethreal eyes..the raised eyebrows..
the terrfic smile..the terrible flick..
the alter ego’s smile..the lame gimmick..

the last statement..was the state meant..
the full stop.. a capital start..
the new page..the sequential number..
wont this winter forget last summer..