a header on the chest when the goal-post needed one..
an incompetent first set..that cost him wimbledon
a crazy reverse sweep at the threshhold of victory..
“you dropped the cup baby” and the rest is history..

that wee little caution not execersized on road..
the pedestrians life that his family couldn’t afford..
the unconsulted pill at the crucial moment..
that left behind a life long ailment..

the puppy love of yours that you wouldn’t express then..
and then when you went it was time for amen..
thoughts that occured.. that could have been poetry..
left deep inside..top yourself remains an allegory..

what could i comeback to..may be the code that i scribe,
that passes the QC eyes but clients wouldn’t subscribe..
or that little piece of copper meant to be bred in the roulette
that passed my hand and with my luck just rolled away..

the most important things in life don’t give a second chance..

and for the trivialities that remain..”on debut” lies the nuance..