shame on you..you still travel by auto..
(pointing at the bike)with a villa in beverly hills..you stay in ghetto
don’t tell me its the picture of the bare chested bollywood mongrels
on the rear veiw mirror feasts the eyes of the scoundrel..

thanks for the concern..but what substitute do u offer..
a six inch wide seat..and an imp for the driver
a bumpy ride on the pot hole marked road..
sorry..can’t jump with the bike..me no toad..
but i may be the frog ..now u know what to do
the pleasures of pillion riding i wish you knew..
don’t question the wit of the MCH people..
the pot holes..the sudden brakes..are for us nobles..
years of R&D has gone into its making..
the powered engine,the raised seats..thats engineering..
how do u think is the motor troika gonna beat traffic..
u stuck while i fly..isn’t that tragic..
can’t imagine on the dusty road myself on a bike..
u don’t convince..go take a hike..
wud rather spend a score on this poor soul..
than jump behind the biker riding a mule..
mule..haha .. and the fox said grapes were sour..
don’t change ur mind..i wud have sped far..
stick to the three wheels and the “DUDE” in khaki..
wish god had given brains to this earthly saki..*
(changing gear)
oh there goes another worthy of a lift..
may have sense to avoid the leviathan drift.
but i guess the signal thinks other wise..
it goes green..shows red card to the vice.
*Small arboreal monkey of tropical South America with long hair and bushy nonprehensile tail