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wish life followed laws of motion..
to Miltonian actions there were Newtonian reactions..
but one thing is true..the inherent inertia..
the cure to this menace is beyond pharmacopoeia..

life goes on..to foreseeable destiny..
takes along..the teeny weensy many..
canvas awaiting the brush..diary longing for words..
familiar lies..and truths that are absurd..

the uncertainty..the somewhere around..
the perennial quest..nothing is found..
what went wrong..never would you know..
nothing you can do to stop the flow..

diminishing marginal returns..could never really experiment..
things i received ..for me were they meant..
doesn’t even fits in..laws of demand and supply..
to every question..a new method needs to be applied..

but still would go on..this life long alchemy..
the euphoric eureka whoop..and rare earth would be me..