closed eyes..the shroud-your thought’s tunic..
the silence..your call- an enthralling music
the wearied self- your presence- what i respire
love the darkness cos its you where ever i desire

was driving tonight in the pitch dark..
luminous seemed that little spark..
have felt the same when I’ve seen you smile..
but since the last time i felt so ..its been a while…

smile isn’t that economic good..
on shoulders of scarcity that has traditionally stood..
but rather the factory.. a self-breeding reactor..
its abundance ..its beauty beyond protractor..

often the elixir to the woe begone soul..
its contagious..a disease in different mould..
a victor in the war where all battles are lost..
priceless in itself,but there is nothing it costs..

a beautiful smile.. would be a contextual call..
a smiling beauty..could be each of us all..
don’t know if you would ever read this..
but i’m smiling..thinking of you..its bliss