a smile (sweet i guess)to the overwhelmed soul,
to the moments of bliss i endlessly hold…
i hold the second hand..still,unmoving
would walk back to the beginning and start running..

stop by her threshold.till i catch a glimpse..
rejuvenate my self by her eye’s glint…
sprint again to the grove..the dew moistened grass..
walk bare feet on them…feel the caress

paint dreams on the eyes..on me that are pinned
would strive hard..make them true..for the them fight the fiend..
speed through the crowd ..to reach the stretched hand..
and guide them to bliss..in the alien land..

drive up the hill..to catch the dusk..
hunt down the deer..which emanates the musk..
and then in the night when i lie down to sleep..
these sweet memories ..are what i would keep