to the denials , the rejections and the NOs that I were told.
to the year that will soon be rendered old
.to the truths i the lies i believed
to the disasters that i never pre-conceived.
to the hearts i the wrath i earned..
to the mistakes from which i never learned.

to the love that i guess was more appropriately lust..
to those who said..i breached their trust.
to the songs i my cacophony..
to the care i feigned..the phony honey..
to the regrets, to the tempest to the unrest..
to days that weren’t among the best..

to the labyrinth of life i’m about to clear..
to the last day..that bidding bye here.
to the new year i go with a clean slate.
new rhymes,newer thoughts..a tougher state..

to the rest..have a blast O seven
i am sure this earth is gonna turn heaven