the son..guess by far the most important one..
he must survive..precedes him none

then there is who writes and scribes..
gives hope to the flesh..his opinion that doesn’t subscribe
writes crap for the defend to the world..
forgive me.its not me..he is lost blurred..

another one..who sits before machine..
feigns working.. contributing to the existence within
all owe to him..for he’s the one who works
all indolent others..spineless jerks..

a one called friend..lives life to the fullest..
the most loved amongst the nondescript rest.
tries hard to match the wit of others..
not too bad a the cap..a feather..

a fellow human for the humanity around..
just another biped among many that could be found..
nothing remarkable sans the ..(don’t know what to claim)
who will be the last one in this eternal blame game..

a wannabe loverb0y..who needs a lot of support..
learns from failures..a big sport..
but guess he exists in the each a little bit
all the best..hope u become a hit