i just did it, it took me over 8 years,over 10 breaks and various attempts but today i could say i completed the monstrous book..

started it of at Jaylakshmi ma’m’s behest to participate in this. Found it too heavy then and moved on to books meant for lesser mortals..

at hindsight i feel i shouldn’t have read it, the writer has an advantage to which an individual like me falls prey, going in the lines of the likes of HR and GW the views in this book or so imposing that by their very subscription i am rendered a “second hander”.

to begin with the reason why i read the book, of course it was public opinion, all i knew and respected with regards to literature rated this one book as a “must read”

going through the book may be like many other people i tend to identify with the various characters, the author has the freedom of portraying only those aspects of individuals that suits her plot, she can shield/never mention few essentials that make each individual and the characters gain/lose strength but thats one advantage that can exist in books alone..the brain knows this consolation that it can give to ones own self but that automatically does not prevent one from identifying..now what am i getting at ,yes, i did think of the numerous occasions in life when i did not have the strength to flow against the stream ,when the bullies in my street refused to let the friend from the next building not participate i could not protest cos then even i would not be let to play, i did not oppose in college when the chairman imposed a horrendous fine,i chose to be the bystander then, my english professor rephrased my rhyme to some thing i couldn’t call own and published it in the college magazine with my name..i did not object..

mr. toohey, i again hate the author for this, honestly i liked the character initially, his humor and philosophy did appeal (but it even appealed to peter keating), but then again the author used her power , she directed the plot to make an antagonist of him and berated me for even thinking about him (the protagonist is not bothered by him ) and towards the end i began to loath him..

one need not be a howard roark to respect himself, one need not have come from hell’s kitchen to “run things”..one needn’t be a dominique (what surname do i use)to be cold.. but is any of that thats desired..one need be..i guess the very purpose of the book is against being someone else..I is the essence one is compelled to seek..

its not ayn rand alone all books i read did leave an influence (i started avoiding uppercase wherever possible after reading airport-arthur hailey ), mario puzo made want to be a vito corleone, ayn rand makes me desire be a gail wynand, howard roark.., shakesperare made want to become shylock,henry wotton made me attempt imbibe the character of a happy life

some day i’ll write enough to make me want be nobody..