watched that no connoisseur of movies to be able to say was it good or bad..if my personal like/dislike were enough to qualify a movie as good or bad this was okay..main azaaad hoon was good ..ddlj/hahk/chalte chalte were bad..but thats not what i wish to right about..i tend to like a thing if it provokes thought, lets you carry something out of it..and this movie did do that..

i carried , not exactly carried something i had been carrying in a different vessel..a quick sojourn solution to critical problems in life/work/relationships..

lemme elucidate..many a times in software support we come across some critical bugs and there is less time to identify the source and fix it (the ideal solution) so we tend to put the solution/patch at the end point execution, change the variable before its used rather identifying where the variable got modified..this works..and gives enough time for a proper solution..

take personal relationships..i have had foul air with people for whatever reasons and consequences painful to both sides..rather than dwell into past dig out the exact reason for misunderstanding, explain meaning/context of languages used..there is a simple solution..ask the question “what now?”.. and do the desired if possible..

my dad does resorts to this solution when he has breathing trouble..of course by now we know the source of allergy .. but when he has the problem those realizations don’t help..what helps is “one puff of asthalin inhaler” that eases out the trouble..

another concept analogous to the movie in all the above is choosing the right men..will talk about it some other time..