i am sure mr. chidambaram is faced with a daunting task..
with that chunk of “my” money and the numerous others that ask.
what to spend the penny on, which luxury could i afford,
to weigh the options right..and view the future that is blurred.

with all modesty, i tell myself..”you can afford one of these”
the Daikin Air Condition, the Bravia LCD or the Nokia N series..
each state their case many a times during the course of the day..
and trumpet out the all important role that in my life they got to play..

first comes the mobile and so often it does..whenever i hold my Alcatel..
that sleeps to peace while i am on it and still have loads to tell..
makes me pivot around socket for charge and threatens that it will die..
don’t know about it..but if i use it more..definitely will I.

yet to realize who watches whom in the hall adorned by the television
the portable BPL, with an ancient remote that needs to be tapped to function..
that does not guarantee the channel it will show at the behest of the remote..
and keeps to itself whatever is uttered …i need to guess what it connotes

its mid April now,my tropical latitude and the annual demands of the indulgent self
spoiled to comfort on that regard by the many hours at the work desk..
the heat pricks..makes me wish i were exiled in Arctic..
visions of life in a igloo rush in and dwell in my attic..

my credit card says I can go ahead and solve all of them in a shot..
but not the way i want.. i need the “best one in the lot”
then there comes in other thoughts..like the tenure of their utility..
would not giving up to these desires denote frugality..

while i think,it rains when I need to go out..
go for a car this summer..is that the way i must tout..
i halt mt thoughts else numerous expenditures could pave way..
each with a merit of its own..and for each i would have to pay 😦