imagine the guy next door or even as far as next street listening to you on net, a textual analogy to the sliver movie in your lan, each word you type, each emoticon you use, all getting logged, imagine a perpetual “I am watching you” on your network.

yes its possible, despite the abysmal list of IOUs to the internet, these are times i wish net did not exist at all,


a 56 kb executable, which needs no installation,no messenger id, no password, intercepts all the conversations of anyone using MSN or Yahoo messenger in your network,each message is sent in plain vanilla text…

thats not all, the ip address of the system(which could be traced to ones geographic location) also gets broadcast..

a more sophisticated piece of software can reportedly watch your web cam without your consent, sniff the various passwords that you use in HTTP,Telnet, FTP or POP protocols..

patta thaan paapaan ku teriyum(you realize only when you are hit), i googled around for “IM Sniffers”,to my dismay such sniffers are available for each of the popular IM softwares,and all of them exploit the vulnerability of the network and the messengers…i reported this to the SIFY technical support staff and they say they have the best anti virus installed (someone tell them there are security concerns beyond VIRUS)..

its a glass house we live in…till the walls come up turn off the lights..