*wonders* what was “not so sweet” about the movie
the characters, the pace, the script was all so groovy

was it the 60+ man, still carrying it on his shoulders,
or the quick-wit 30 some spinster, who bowled him over

or the ancient zohra sehgal, still glued kiddish WWE
or the cute little sexy who would watch Basic Instinct with glee,

the blunt to the point dialogues,the second of the double entendré
the lovers who are steadfast, never going astray

the hummable illayaraja music,the entremet to a good script
that do their precise little role that have been immaculately fit

may be the “nothing to do”, paresh rawal and his Gandhian hypocrisy,
blame him not for his small role, there was Big B leading you see

No, it was the zafraani pulaao which would owe its publicity now,
to the ghaas phoos and tangri kabab in rainy london who fell in love