Snatch, van Heusen..flying laps on track
a pint of chilled beer..a bike that won’t slack
guess that was it..the nicer side of the week
if these are gonna be the days ..future is bleak

federer succumbs to clay yet again
kubica must be in a lot of pain
even i did four laps on runway 9
guess the weekend just wasn’t mine

it breezed off well with a win and a hike
few bad news , the leeward to the spike.
then there were ups at a personal level
but this ain’t the world i wish to dwell

traffic on roads …a the only leveler i guess
pedestrians beat me in that complete mess
the leaking 2nd floor and the ant’s kitchen
maid quits job..god damned attrition

internet stopped working..reason: “i didn’t pay”
please understand..i work on a weekday..
chaste language at the poor sify customer care
to wash clothes..not an hour to spare.

all plans screwed up.. by yours sincerely
last plan of the day ..”wake up early”
just realized its monday tomorrow
where are you alice..i’m following you to the burrow