i preferred reaching there on my knees and hand
but no, on my way you would come and stand
made me get up and take the first step of its kind,
and i fearlessly walk, cos u are standing behind.

the bicycle, i never believed i could balance
you pushed me down the road, treated my fear with nonchalance
and today, after the 20 mile bike ordeal when i unwind
i close my eyes and feel the bicycle and the man running behind.

the english assignment, the predicate that was wrong,
i would argue for i knew your english was strong
the teacher then realized,few nuances skipped her mind
for all the way was right, the one standing behind

i complained to amma, the dosa wasn’t crisp enough,
i had to be wary, this battle was in her home turf
you echoed that to quality, we epicureans can’t be blind
this is son of the gourmet and he himself was standing behind.

end of month in hostel, i wished i had some more dough
telepathy i guess, somehow i had enough for people to borrow
never did i keep an account, and never did you try to find
faith binds me together, with the one standing behind

campus-interview..and i somehow made to the job list
i rushed to the STD booth, and told you the gist
“Thanks” you said..and of sheer bliss that was a sign
most successes in life are those of the one standing behind.

may be a bit late..but happy father’s day appa.:)