this would be a typical case of the garden lizard in the dhoti. i invited all trouble but manged to come out..

mr. engineer , have u forgotten where you belong,
with your skill set on that job, you were bound to go wrong,
there were lines oft warned..that you weren’t supposed to cross
screw the registry..and a windows PC goes for a toss

call up DELL customer care to discover that your warranty has expired
to come together, have all calamities conspired
somewhere deep inside lie the only copy of the pics
that you were supposed to burn for posterity on a disc

now you would have to seek help in the dingy rooms of park lane*
mechanics would now work on the laptop that you maimed
its a software a unscrupulous manager you speak
but i’ll have to open it up..says the smart ass pseudo geek

he has the edge of having the right devices to play
you tell yourself you could do this on any given day
to back up 3 Gb he charges half a grand
you curse mr.murphy while Mr.Gandhi happily changes hand

then you try doing what the DELL techie said
restore factory settings and like phoenix would rise the dead
“No restore point found” abuses the computer
You pick up some date..and now it refuses to utter

the problem goes farther from the sate called “resolved”
your computer now doesn’t yet to be absolved
back to DELL and this time you order for a DVD drive
10 Gandhis this time.. and you become a mechanic with the swiss knife

change optical drive, format disc and reinstall the Operating System
find few drivers, hear music , connect net and its an Operating System
whats greater fun than scripting the saga on the same PC
whose absence for a month had made life so (un)easy..

long live the engineer

* park lane- the computer mandi in hyderabad