come july and comes the annual returns filing ordeal
e-file said the finance ministry..”no big deal”
e-governance , they thought..a feather in their cap
wish softwares were as easy as taking a nap.

to the poor denizens so used to the simplicity of “saral”
the new ITR means a new calisthenics for the neural
first pick the right form.., before that install adobe..
the latest version i mean..and get set for the probe

if its anything other than ITR-1 , the sheer size petrifies
to successfuly use the must be a geek i surmise
the website yields no help..with the demo “under construction”
generating the XML can be an exercise of frustration

“digital signature”,barcode more loose threads in the strand
acts that refuse getting accompolished offhand
but somehow you manage and an XML file is ready
if you think the ordeal is must be greedy

get on to their site..the usual registration page
in murphy you must trust..goes the modern adage
the applet doesn’t load..what the hell is JRE
installing java runtime..can’t be done in a hurry

after all this when you browse and upload your return
“incomplete tag exception”..says their server in turn
the geek edits the XML and tries the process again
the server now mocks at your efforts that have gone vain

it was just the hard earned money and now its precious time
can’t that be a simple form..that i could login and fill online
why adobe, why xml, why jre and the upload gimmicks
there seems Tuqlaq making rules and it seems he is getting kicks