at 4:30 the “no” turns yes, yes, we could meet
but make it in half an hour, the rains have cooled down the heat
sure you say and at the back of your mind, runs a nervous scan
peering through wardrobes,toiletries, gauging if you can.

cleanse away the day long indolence along with the sleepy smell
in the 15 minutes that have, can you spruce up well.
you rush to the bathroom, and under the shower,
plan for the rendezvous, choose words to fill the hour

you squeeze that shampoo bottle to realize its empty,
hunt down from your set of clothes a nice looking tee
glad that you had the mind, to buy the yourself a deo
you glaze your hair to shiny look of park avenue neo.

fill up the wallet with extra bucks,never know when you’ll need
charge up the cellphone for the last hour, as long as it could be
a buzz did she say she’ll give when she arrives near by
you find a missed one on your cellphone and give a jubilant sigh.

incomes a message and its from her,hope she hasn’t been waiting
you open it up to read and realize, no, she isn’t coming.
did she connive with someone to make you bathe on a saturday?
you laugh out loud, yes, shit has its way.