for once a piece of someone else’s spice in this potpourri .had come across this years ago in Kushwant Singh book, apparently a reader had mailed it to him, i google it every time there is a terror attack on Hyd, laugh at the ministers , and forget.

Its considerable effort to google this stuff out , this time the magical words were “foreign hand” buxom..:( sadly the few key words a remembered from the satire..the monkeyman and vajpayee are new additions , never the less here they are treat ur funny bone..

When the monsoon fails & the sun drums down
On the parched gangetic plain
And the tanks dry up and dust storms blow
Where once were fields of grain,
When hunger stalks each village hut
And famine grips the land
It isn’t Mother Nature’s fault-
It is the Foreign Hand!
For this is India ,you see,
Not Germany or France ,
And nothing here is blamed on God
Much less on quircky chance.
Here evil has a fingered form
Both alien and planned
It is that dark subtle limb-
It is the Foreign Hand!
When the ’Monkey man’ attacks the common man
In ’’peaceful’’ Delhi town
When Vajpayee’s knee is acting up
Or the UTI went down…
The reason for this mischief
I think you’ll understand
It’s those meddling foreign digits-
It is the Foreign Hand!
So when you’re in a Delhi lift
Beside a buxom dame
And you give into the urge
To pinch her husky frame,
Confront her adamantine glare
With a visage mildly bland,
And say:’’It wasn’t me me dear-
It was the Foreign Hand!’’