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new thoughts,ideas and a vision of future
when you mechanically followed the blinking cursor
you spelled his name, may be read it aloud..
he had earned a place, he was proud..

messages,that enlightened more the screen
unscreened emotions..subtly seen
a smile for the sender or laugh at the joke
never did he know..nor did he poke

one step ahead..the voice exchange..
time spent like loose change
the beholders astonished..what could be the talk
few revolutions for the hour hand of the clock

and the poor notebook..by the side of you phone
victim of your ramblings,by your designs adorned..
the world could then wait..while he was on other end..
nothing wrong could happen..nothing needed an amend

and then something did and he still has no clue
you changed your number..that was all he knew..
what a gudgeon for all labor it took..
a speechless place in your address book