so easy to do things on your own
the solo pride the exclusive bemoan
the absence of the retrospective,the “if” or the “but”
you knocked the door..ok if it remained shut.

the lifeless company that doesn’t complain of the walk
the own self , which would hear as long as you talk
and when you tire, no one has to wait,
and you needn’t match to an energetic gait

no expectations to meet sans the ones you set
no rooms to make for the ones who request.
no one to frown that you do not smile
your pains and the endemic rile.

freecell is good, time knows you not.
the limitless times, the unconquered can be fought.
the wounds that you shield from the world, from pity
its building, its roads and then you in the city

the absence of competition or the incompetent
the lack of responsibility or commitment
the rules that you make and whimsically break
you live ,love and die your your own sake.