she comes unannounced..when the least I expect
overpowers the the gushing rivulet
seeps into in like motion..a dampening undercurrent
tosses, sweeps, imbalances..i’m a stringed puppet

i speak not and i know not what silences me through
weakness or am i an awe stricken marionette with no clue
what moves him, what stops him..what he tells the crowd
what exposes him, what he is exposed to..what should he shroud

she brings out..the best from within,
a performance to which i am not akin.
a deafening applaud when she calls it quit.
i was hit..i was a hit.

why? the all powerful HE..the mcp..over powered by a she..
he can pay the price life demands..why accept whats free
what makes the worthless priceless, what screens the screened
between words..beyond read what am i keen

one lesson in passing i learned from the passing her
silence ..bails out..of the questions you do not wanna answer
acknowledge not their if they were never asked..
if prodded deep..become blunt..say irrelevant and surpass

like a storm she leaves..a what gets up from the bed
no it was no dream, was awake..and she was in my head
and yeah, she wasn’t dream for that matter was
but after all this while..she came back..i wonder what was the cause

may be cont.