could help the broke..apologies to the broke up..
could feed the hungry..sympathies to the hunger less
just realized this where it all sums up..
to savor what you have..you ought to be blessed..

some the beneficiaries of love that is blind..
some to whom its sightless, so unkind
for some a bond ..that takes them along
some chained..since freedom..seems so long

the problem of plenty..and the constructed necessities
the scarcity..and their alarming density
the thoughts that now follow the words that i choose
the one stream of zilch..life chose to fuse..

life ..a streaming rivulet..regrets the pebbles en route..
to stop..and try mending them..unfair…even brute
but why like a whirlpool..it keeps pulling me back..
your endurance hurts.. pulls me on a rack..