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versatile, a word i learned too late from the dictionary..
but have always known an example, a living machinery

she woke up before me and ensured my good night
fueled my living cells, made my day bright.

would be waiting at the bus stop, be it rain or the sun
from the weary day at school when i made my return
pricked my boyish ego, i would argue i could take care
she had her own reasons, and my arguments won’t scare.

i would forget it all at the sight of beans curry and rasam
would postpone the curd rice to a 3 pm that would never come

kitchen,sweater, canvas and the assignment on chart paper
to my neighbor’s SUPW too, her skills would cater.

would string her needle on request and my help stopped there
she made the rest look so simple an affair

new class..and new books, the crisp paper’s smell
the homemade white glue..she would even bind the books so well

winter noons, the terrace and me, her chips’ guard
that dried with me in the sun,my sister and crows were barred

years flew by..and i reached the roads where i had to decide
she guided me to engineering, ensuring my safe ride.

untied from her apron strings.. here when i take my flight..
i know she is smiling..i am always in her sight..

she taught my 5’s table..and then to decipher the clock
she has been the peace..at bad times when i ran amok.

today i look at the calendar and am so glad its 11th may
happy b’day amma, no wonder its mother’s day.