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this weekend..had i put my money on my heart, would have lost on all three counts and would have had to be a sport..

tennis..wanted federer to win..but then never before did i watch him play like a human..the composure,the flawlessness, the super human class was all missing at the central court which was surprizingly supporting a nadal..rain tried helping but all nadal had to do was keep his serves and break four of opponent’s..he did that..he won..but federer you still rock..

f-1..never knew whom to support, find that its the unfairest of sports..a ferrari win would have made me glad..but no worries..

cricket..why are these mofos such chokers..i am so glad sachin isn’t playing..guess would stop following the sport with his retirement..except perhaps for t20s..the close to se7en hour ordeal is sheer wastage of time..i have few things to gain by not following cricket..may be i could become a true sports fan rather than an indian watching sport.. judge/cheer//jeer one on the basis of sheer merit..

the world is to gain by such decoupling..when we look at life with naked eyes..rather imagine it from behind the lenses of nationality,religion and many such unequal factors..

the problem with long weekends is, they are perennially short..they race to the working day…the juggernaut called time fueled by the bottles of booze..its road cleared by the noise of undecipherable music just did that..

get ready monday…i’m coming..

ps- my spe(i)llings have improved..
ps2- the scores of people on gtalk oceans away..some kissing nadal, some waking up, some idle..but all of them already at work are a consolation..