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saw you at my door step, didn’t know why you came,
wanted to call you in, didn’t know your name.
bewildered and pensive..i crossed the threshold
speechless was i, for my hands were too cold.

saw it in your eyes, read; they wanted to speak
may be even hear but i was too meek..
i blinked and turned away, to reveal i was not bold
wished you didn’t wait, for my hands were too cold

distance lent strength..and the night lent a dream
but it was still night, i wasn’t the silver beam
an ephemeral respite but eternal you were told
vanished in the sunlight, for hands must remain cold

follow me not nor seek..i am nobodies’ and nobody
i got no soul nor guilt..my company is foolhardy
seek no warmth in me..stretch no arms to hold..
would turn away when you need…my hands remain too cold