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stealing a glance through the battling eye lids,
seeing what i want in this sleepy mist
closing the eyes..shutting the ears..to what i fear
meandering through the drunk streets..its my breath i hear

looking back at the past hour..sifting dreams from nightmares
may be i slept too long….the wide awake world won’t care
it too is blind..its sight too selective..
but since when do they bother me… independence..my right to live

searching meaning between stringed chunks of characters..
breaking rhythm..vacuuming my character..
taking art..light years away from the con artist..
with incoherence..today is the tryst

asking self..what is it that i/you need..
there is a part in me to me that wont heed..
can’t sever that..for all of that may be me
is it ego..there are lots of I that i see.