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i called up and i hoped you wouldn’t answer,
the whispers from last night..in my ear, still linger
didn’t want to overwrite that with your pain..
i dropped cause i realized..faith i couldn’t feign

i dreaded you’ll pick up and recognize the guilty breath
and while you curse your life..for me wish death
and my repertoire in answer would have just silence
i dropped cause i realized..there was no penitence

i could muster a few words but couldn’t get them across
not through this ether, none through this chaos
of loud words spoken by the proverbial actions
i dropped cause i realized..i had lost direction

i dropped with a hope..that silence might heal,
that when you wake up..nothing you would feel,
that you would pass memories as a bad nightmare,
i dropped cause i realized..i still care

i dropped, but not the hope that there still could be a us
a me in your thoughts that would still make you blush
that portion of your thoughts, i didn’t want to thieve
for they comprise the voicemail i did not leave

call back..