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i could see it in her eyes..a well acquainted fear..
ghosts of past chasing as halloween was near
guilt?? no.. repentance would be the word..
an aching pain inside..to her alone heard..

i identified her face..and i could identify with her
and condone her jay-walking..break rules she won’t adhere
Cris-cross the four blocks..to the dismay of the motorist
guess she was in a hurry..a client she had to assist

oh these silly morons.. the money monger bankers
one moment of application surprise and they go bonkers
call up everyone reachable and voice-mail for the rest
i had been in her shoes.. i could sense the unrest

i kept pace with the blond and my eyes did convey the “hi”
she was devoid of american niceties..i didn’t incite a reply
and we reached the final lap..and our signal said go..
and “go” she did like an olympian with last 10 yards or so

she paced herself to the elevator bank.. ignoring the concierge’s hello
pale she was as it is.. with the closing doors she went yellow
back she went to the concierge… guess to correct her rude mistake
and politely asked for the restroom keys..few calls you have to take 🙂