the oil touches $40 a barrel,
a break-even would win you laurels.
the computers’ price continue to spiral down
so does index while the herd of bulls frown.
the bullet’s price is what life would cost.
somewhere in this mayhem we are lost.

communications reduce to the tiny little “hand held”
“connecting people” distances hands held
we close doors..we keep “i” to oneself
we open a window.. so much about us knows that elf
who i talk to, who says what to me,what do i want to see
he eavesdrops and peeps at the pretext of information being free

friday arrives ..but no, there isn’t a “thank god”
if on monday there is a place to go..all gratitude is for lord.
strange times we are all living through..
was there worst..will there be better..i have no clue