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years of governance..placebos pharmacopoeia
all that happened.. was pure inertia
noise at the parliement..adjourned sessions
in the media gossip..note worthy mentions.

you wrote off debts that were never gonna be paid
took credit and were blamed for “loans waived”
then a nu(clear) treaty i could not understad
reservations ..my reservations you would not stand

GDP on paper.. you were talk of the town
what had you done..what credit did you own
soaring interest rates ..you could not contain
now falling currency..you are helpless and maim
terror attacks ..you did well with a sorry face
sorry..but inaction has lost its grace

election time again.. what change is in store
we’ve known you so long..you geriatrics bore
now you’ll show new faces and squander away millions
promise cycles, cellphones and colour televisions
mention temples and mosques and incite the ignorant
watch the communal riots and preach to be tolerant
then make it back to the stage in show time
take back 10 bucks per head for every single dime

and the way we are we will continue
new thugs perhaps but theft won’t be new
why the hell this drama? why this expensive democratic process?
please go on without elections.. we need no political recess

we will take care of the neighbors.atleast their problems will
as for world economy..its no man’s will
agriculture produce will still bank on rain
there will be a sreedharan for the metro train.

fuel prices will rise..we will reply with a greener car
for posterity we will try not leaving a carbon scar
but whatever it is..its we who will do
you are a different species we aren’t amongst you.