i write her an “for your eyes only” note..
you put up an advertisement on how to emote?
i mail the pic of my evening pose
on the side bar-you say how to lose adipose

t-mobile e-mails me my telephone bill..
buy an iPhone your programs profess at will
by your means i exchange a phone number
“vonage” the heartless advertisement murmurs

i “search” (not google) something on water problems
“incontinence cured” ad(non) sense..senses stem
my dad sends a mail..i reply to “appa” back home..
you equate that to “father”..and get messages from rome?

i’ve stopped solving crosswords for now i reverse engineer
recheck what i typed..that this new ad is here
then a mortal fear haunts.. i get gymnophobic
you watch me so long.. don’t you feel sick?