i seek her by my bedside, with a nightmarish fear awake
i realize she is gone, blame self, my mistake.
have fond memories of her, was my second Nokia date.
a three year affair, a cruel hurricane sealed our fate.

a full qwerty keyboard, coupled with a resistive touch screen.
an xterm session for the geek, that cinder bloc looked mean.
neither an iPhone, nor android, i cannot claim she was the best.
the lesser known Nokia maemo os, so different from the rest.

she did serve her purpose, lived up to her smartphone name.
did what i wanted, kept me in the communication game
my valet, messenger, spokesperson and confidant of sorts
knew too much about me, that is the dangerous part.

the address book warning is lost, now those numbers can reach
the resistance to call other numbers; i would not breach
a series of conversations; that i now would not reread
those ringtones have been silenced, hopes would not breed

a different voice will greet at the beginning of the day
an unfamiliar object, in my pocket would weigh
pictographic memories of embarrassments with her are now gone
deep seated fears of violations will now perpetually haunt.