Did you ever just wait for the alarm to go off
Savor the ten minutes, the mental clock bought.
A ten minutes headstart in the hours that lie ahead
Lazed them away lying on your bed.

A mental jot down of the to-do list.
Empowering self for the unprepared tryst
You feel good, as if getting ahead in the race.
For once with life you would keep pace.

You open drawers in your mental chest
To each lingering problem give your best
Answers, solutions presentations and questions
That little reminder you’ll fleetingly mention.

Then you ask self what woke you up?
What annoyance inside just wouldn’t shut up?
What did you do, how much was it wrong?
You’ve been pondering all night along.

It weighs you down you realize, you caught no sleep
The wait was for daylight,now for the alarm to beep.